Tommorow I'm doing the city 2 Surf!

2008-03-28 22:59:04 by 125Maniac

I think that this only only a NZ/Australia thing, but anyway, tommorow I am doing a "fun run" named the City 2 Surf! It's 12kms, so it shouldn't be THAT hard.

There are heaps of stories in the paper at the moment about people who are "all set for the city 2 surf" and "have done city 2 surf every year since it began".

Apparently this is it's 34th year!

Anyway, moving on!

I went to this junk store the other day and got 6 old vinyl records for $5, along with all this other stuff still coming under that price. As a plan for world domination, I am going to sell them on some website, for (hopefully) 1,000,000,000,000 (one million million) apiece. But realisticly I would say I'd get $2 for each one, equalling $12 altogether.

Sadly, I discovered that Green Day weren't on vinyl. And that the records don't like CD players.

Rock on!

PS: Oh, and I think I have some fans! My submission scores are going up really high!


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