I'm a Scout and Level 10!

2008-01-04 00:29:16 by 125Maniac

Woohoo! I feel awesome now!

I'm a Scout and Level 10!


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2008-01-04 01:38:11

z0mg uare so bad as

125Maniac responds:

z0mg! 1t'5 l1k3, L0L!


2008-01-04 02:34:55

way 2 be! :D

125Maniac responds:

:D definitely!


2008-01-04 04:31:51

Well done i remember before the redesign, i was level 10 and it used to take ages to get to level 10, It was so excititing now your a really good level hoepfuly i be level 21 soon. Level ten used to level four boxing glove, but i saw your sign up date so you might not know what i mean.

125Maniac responds:

yep... level 21's gonna be AWESOME!


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