MOVIES!!! (woohoo!)

2008-01-22 03:10:37 by 125Maniac

I have been watching some movies lately, heaps of stuff around that I haven't watched in ages, or want to watch.

So far:

1. The Life of Brian
I guess everybody's heard about this movie at least once in their lifetime. It was fun to rewatch it.
Five star, and totally random!!

2. The Producers
A classic Mel Brooks comedy. A musical/comedy/(sorta) romance. Matthew Broderick (Inspector Gadget) is a surprisingly good singer, along with his blue blankie and fits. (I'M IN PAIN AND WET WET AND I'M STILL HYSTERICAL!!!!!!)

3. National Treasure
Da Vinci Code-style movie, with amazing incorporation of comedy and James Bond-edness.
From Paris to the Queens desk, there's no end to their mischief. Watched this movie in a teeny-weeny theatre with no more than 40-or-so seats!

I still have more to watch, (Green Card and 1492: Conquest of Paradise). I got an Ă‹ssential Gerard Depardieu disk from The Warehouse.

So long,


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